Just another day

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Just another day

Post  Fourthship on Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:09 am

It was supposed to be just another day. I woke up, reached over to my alarm clock and promptly fell asleep. It wasn't until several minutes later that I actually got out of bed. With one eye open I canvassed the room. My tiny room in my parents' house. Light blue painted walls with sunlight streaming through Roman-style shades. But there's something amiss. Leaning on my desk was a long pole, about 4ft long and two and a half inches in diameter.
What's this? I rolled out of bed and looked closely at my desk. There was a letter. And a package.
Carefully open the letter I quickly read its contents.
I'm accepted... to one of the top four schools in the world... Phoenix... @_@
After a few minutes of taking this in, I opened the package on my desk. It contained some bread, a necklace with an expiration date, a hoverboard and a pet tiger. Whoa... I picked up the stick with my left hand and feel a burning sensation go through my entire body. And...of course... In a split second my bed was on fire and incinerated into coal. T_T

Finally... I thought I would never get here! I stood in front of the large main building. There was a man greeting the new students with instructions of a new life ahead of them. The past couple of days was a blur. Saying goodbye to friends and family. Packing up and finding an apartment near the school. For some reason the dormitories were "under construction" and "violated health laws". I'm not sure what that means... :/

"Alright! Let's do this!"


A few weeks have passed since I started here. I think I'm adjusting to life as a shaman pretty well. I made alot of new friends. Upperclassmen, nonetheless...
There was Earth too. She always smiled everytime I said hello, and even killed some mean students who were picking on my party! (But that was later on)

Ok, so I'm getting ahead of myself... I remember it clearly...

It was my first day of school. The sun was out, the air crisp and clean. Well, right outside the main campus building, a group of little hooligans liked to loiter about. It was the freshmen's job to help "decrease" their population a bit. So there I was, practicing my incantations and spear skills on them. I was perfectly fine being solo. I didn't talk to much of the other students, being a new student and not knowing anything about this new place. I'm the type to just explore for myself.
Well, I was fine like that until I met Never. She was just like me, a shaman and new to the school too. But she had experience from other schools, or something like that. Anyway, she partied with me. And that was my first experience with DarkSwordsman Jr.

I forgot who it was... I think Mr. Jing (another upperclassman), lured him to the front of the school and all of us tried to kill him. Needless to say, I fainted a few times. Good thing I had my res necklace. But it was exhilirating!

I met Jing and Ging later that day and from then on they always invited me to parties. (^^ I was a party girl!) And I met Kensei and Zero who took me under their wing. Being with the seniors and upperclassmen made me a little bit more outgoing. Always partying, and meeting new people. They even helped me sneak out of the campus! Now, Phoenix hole was quite a place!

There were tons of gangsters all over the place. And rabid dogs. And really creepy old women. O_O
But I survived...and then I met Ethereal Fist. No, not my friend from campus, but this thug who was super tough!
Our party died so many times x_x But finally we took him down. And I finished my quest Very Happy

A few days later I was invited into a club. Elite. They took me out to the other campuses, showed me the ropes and even let me hunt with them a few times. We also had tons of dances parties and such. Things were fun. I was enjoying the university life. Then one day... Everything changed.

It seemed like ages. I received my shaman uniform and I was allowed to travel where ever I wanted to (well, except Tradinghole and Leonine Campus). But it was only really a week. (Yes, I spent many all niters! But I caught up to my peers and actually excelled in my shaman studies! D: Now if only I could apply that to my ethics class!)
That day the GM's (or I like to call them RAs - resident assistants) called us all to the campus square - marketplace - for our class photo. Until then I never really met with the other schools. I only saw them in passing.
It was then that I first set my eyes on Buster.

I didn't know it then, but we would get to know each other more in the future. But anyways, I was in the second row and right behind me was Buster in the picture. I was dancing and must have looked like an idiot! But it was fun. I saw the judo club meeting in a corner. I wanted to talk to them and tell them I thought they were cool, but I didn't want to seem like a fan girl. So I stayed back and just explored a bit before heading to bed.

The rest of the days were a blur. Some naked parties here and there. Photoshoots for the club. Learning new skills. Sitting bored in class. New quests and such. I was hanging around alot with swordsmen for some reason. Maybe because they needed a shaman healer, or maybe because I needed their fire power. Anyways, we took on fat construction workers, and hell scissors. At that time I used to hang out with Jenova, we took on clowns and SG defenders together (as well as evil pecking crows! D:<)

One day, while I was waiting for Jenova in SG ring, I saw a brawler. I was feeling bold at the time and decided to say hello, and follow him around for a bit. Smile We ended up taking a nice long walk around SG park...

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Re: Just another day

Post  TimeForMiles on Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:53 pm

That's really good Opening To The Game. I Hope you continue on with this, I enjoyed reading something someone make with their amazing Imagination

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