Rules to follow

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Rules to follow

Post  BusterPunch on Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:20 am

Just follow the rules and we can all get along fine.

Try to speak English: I know that we're gonna have people from other countries signing up into the community and they probably have different native tongues instead of English. Please try to speak in English as best of your abilities.

Don't spam: Posting a lot of messages with little content in them, like just saying 'lol' or 'ok', is considered spamming. Post only if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation. Never post just for the sake of increasing your post count.

No ads and no solicitations: This applies to any links with referral IDs in them as well as repeated posting of the same link for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a site. If you want to promote your own site, do it in your signature or the bulletin boards.

Absolutely no discrimination: This should go without saying. If we learn of any "hate-crimes" or abusive, derogatory language, your character will be instantly killed and your IP will be banned. I don't think this needs any elaboration.

No Flame Wars: I know that we all love an arguement from time to time, but we need to keep the peace in the site. Any topic thats becomes a flame war all of a sudden will be locked and deleted. Anyone who plans to start a flame war on purpose will be banned without warning.

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