Old opinion is old: BPs Experience with Club Wars

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Old opinion is old: BPs Experience with Club Wars

Post  BusterPunch on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:39 pm

This is basically just my experience with Club Wars back on PH and Malay Ran. (Private servers don't count since they're always buggy and exploited in many different ways that makes them unstable.) I posted this one day out of the two servers back in those days to see how the community would feel about it. I'll tell you this from what the peanut gallery on those two told me in a nutshell: "Lol noob! Ran is the best game ever! Go back to your crappy games!!" About a majority amount of the community in both forums defended greatly against my opinion about Club Wars and a few other things as well, but I didn't argue. I just wanted to see how would the community will view this opinion and now I'm bringing it back to see what you guys think about it. Comments are welcomed and questions are welcomed as well. This has been altered around a bit to make it go for the RanGS server.

To be honest, I could care less about club/guild wars in general since they're mainly based on which one of the capped guilds has the better arsenal in their line of fire. As an experienced Ran Online player and retired veteran of PH and Malay server, we're lucky enough to have our stuff reduced down to 30% on tax rates in RanGS instead of the typical 50% in most servers. However, in return, we got the typical guilds fighting in CW just because for either of the following:

- Bragging rights
- Boredom
- Respect
- For Fun
- Anything else.

As a result from Club Wars, this can cause much competition between most (all if possible) clubs as they try to prove whose the strongest guild of them all. Hench why there are some clubs who recklessly focus on nonstop grinding just to enjoy this event, boss hunt, PK and/or KS, and the newly released Extra Stages on RanGS. Club Wars is basically one of the key factors that keeps Ran Online players to recklessly level, join a club right away, earn profit faster from other players when they buy and sell stuff to NPCs, and feel like that their club is the best out of all of them. However, in return, they're falling prey into the addiction of the bad community along with it. Like most Ran Addicts, everyone knows that the game is based on partying and clubs to level and enjoy the game.
Yet, this can also bring out many no lifers and bad judgment upon yourself as well. Let's compare some differences between RanGS and the other servers.

Club Wars in RanGS is new to most of the newcomers and a few returners of old RanGS, but just the same basics towards any of the veterans of RanGS who went to other servers before global server came back. In the other servers, its serious business. It's so serious, that in the Malay server there is a club with the same guild name and logo, but named with a different style 4 times and control all of the schools and trading hole. Now think about that. Who in their right mind would make the same guild four times just to control each of the schools and rip off every one of the players on there with 50% tax rate all day and whenever club wars start? Club Wars are also serious business that the company, Mimcoms, make tournaments out of it for prize money up to 10 million and up. I've heard of competition before in other games, but this is ridiculous upon the whole scale of heavy gaming. In Asia, some of the countries that have their own server, cut classes and sometimes their exams just to play Ran or enter the tournament. A few friends that I used to know back on PH and Malay told me about this and they have done this a few times themselves, yet they had to repeat a semester or class again because of it.

They have alot of internet cafes that have Ran on their computers already installed just to make profit from the tournaments and the game itself. Item shops only makes the community become corrupted even further due to the rental weapons, buying fate boxes, cash shop potions, and the side accesories that boost their health and such. Makes you wonder if the community got nothing better to do with their lives. This also causes the community to be a bunch of jerks who always beat up on the newcomers and asked them to "try" fighting them just to mock you for their own amusement. Don't believe me? Compare it to the VNs in the RanGS server and tell me that they're no way different.

In my opinion, I say that club wars is just another add-on to the game that keeps most of the players suckered in for those reasons. Yes, there always Extra Stages, item shop (which the time limit on most of their items is tedious and very short.), and experiencing the game. Yet, as long as there is competition among the high level and capped people, the minority of the community gets screwed over in general.

Why you asked I'd wrote this long opinion about Club Wars? Two reasons:

1. To exploit how this is one of the main reasons that damaged the community and the gameplay experience. Both in-game and in real life.
2. Because I was pissed off during the week among a personal issue. lol!

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Re: Old opinion is old: BPs Experience with Club Wars

Post  Ruki on Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:38 pm

This game is so broken it's dilapidated.

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