Ran Online Guide For Newbies: Extra Stage/Suryun Event (Complete)

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Ran Online Guide For Newbies: Extra Stage/Suryun Event (Complete)

Post  BusterPunch on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:58 pm

Hello kids! BP here with another chapter to the "Ran Online Guide For Newbies!" and today we'll be talking about the Extra Stage/Suryun event. This event is self explanatory and simple to explain, but I would like to break it down to everyone about what it really is. So anyways, lets get started with this guide!

I. What is Extra Stage/Suryun Event?

Extra Stage C (Or Suryun as they call it on other versions.) is a survival event where you fight waves and waves of enemies and bosses among each stage in a secluded area in the Practice Yard. They start off at a certain time and day for each type of stage. The Extra Stage/Suryun even levels goes up from C,B,A, and S each with their on level limits and difficulty which will be explained on this handy guide.

II. Storyline of Extra Stage/Suryun (If you really care about it)

Each Campus' instructors have been agonizing for the ability improvements for new students and also to help build friendships with existing students. During their agonization, idea of the guidance committee had attracted attentions.

The idea was to introduce new type of training where new students and existing students gather all of their powers together to overcome the difficulty at the ‘Newbie Practicing Yard’("N-Practicing Yard") by relieving its surrounding pressure temporarily.

After all the instructors have examined this new type of training thoroughly, they have come to an conclusion to hold Extra Stage for the ability improvements and friendships.

A few days prior to ‘Extra Stage’ was about to decided to be held, one citizen was kidnapped by unidentified evildoers.

Ami who were passing by has tried to stop the incident but she was outnumbered.

Therefore, she had called for help to all the schools and each school made draft call to all of their students to help Ami saving the citizen.

It is not exactly what we have planned to do but still it will be a great training for New Students and existing students.

Now, all the students have to help Ami to save the citizen.

III. What kind of Extra Stage/Suryun Events are there?

Participating in one of the Extra Stage/Suryun Events will be based on the day it starts up and your level. So if you're trying to join Extra Stage C, but you're level 125, then you won't be able to join it because of the level limit. Here's are the following stages, times, level limits, and prizes you can get for it.

Extra Stage C

Date & Time : Thursdays at 13:00 Ran Time & Fridays at 1:00 Ran Time (Timezone Vary upon each player)
Location : Access to ‘N-Practicing Yard’ using Event Bus Terminal at ‘Practicing Yard’
Requirements : Character Level lower than 100

Extra Stage B

Date & Time : Mondays and Sundays at 11 am Ran Time. (Timezone Vary Upon Each Player)
Location : Access to ‘N-Practicing Yard’ using Event Bus Terminal at ‘Practicing Yard’
Requirements : Character Level 101 ~ 170

Extra Stage A

Date & Time : N/A At The Moment
Location : Access to ‘N-Practicing Yard’ using Event Bus Terminal at ‘Practicing Yard’
Requirements : Character Level 171 ~ 200

Extra Stage S

Date & Time :
Location : Access to ‘N-Practicing Yard’ using Event Bus Terminal at ‘Practicing Yard’
Requirements : Character who has collected all 5 Extra Stage Certificate from Stage A.

IV. How do I participate in Extra Stage/Suryun?

(Note: As of now, only people who are level 100 and below can participate in Extra Stage C until they update and announce the other stages on the official Ran World website. Extra Stage B is now out and only people of lvl 101-170 can enter. )

Step 1: Head to the practice yard when the server announce ingame when Extra Stage is about to begin. (It's best to be there about 10 minutes early to save you the hassle of rushing over to practice yard. If you got a buddy pass and one of your friends is joining in on the action as well, then that saves you alot of time. If you got a bus pass, use it to take you to practice yard.)

Step 2: After the announcement, a bus terminal and ‘Ami’ NPC will appear in the center of ‘Practicing Yard’. Receive quest called ‘Ami’s Request’ from Ami.
(Note: If you're doing the Extra Stage S, then make sure you got five extra stage certificates from Extra Stage A. Will explain more in next section)

Step 3: After receiving the quest, use the bus terminal located in the center of the map and buy a bus pass from it. Use it again to travel to ‘N-Practicing Yard’ to enter the Extra Stage.

Step 4: An NPC named Dorothy will appear. Buy any potions, talismans, or arrows that you'll need. I recommend potions alot more if you're planning to fighting the mobs and bosses.

(Note: Bus Terminal and Ami NPC will disappear in 10Mins. So you better be there quick otherwise you won't be able to participate in it.)

Step 5: Each Extra Stage differs mainly upon the amount of stages you have to survive and the types of monsters you'll have to fight. The monsters be about 2-3 waves per stage number and changes upon each stage. The first three stages are mobs from the campuses, holes, wharf, and CP (Car Park.). The 4th - 7th stages are mainly bosses.

Example: Extra Stage C: Stage 1, Wave 2.

Step 6: If you've survived all stages, the monsters will disappear after the times up and you can discard all of the pots that you've bought for the event to clear out space. Go to the middle of the stage and wait for Citizen NPC to appear. Once appeared, talk to her to finish up the quest and wait for Ami.

Step 7: When Ami appears, talk to her to complete the quest and get your prize. The prize varies upon each stage and you'll get a random item for it. Then wait till you're sent back to practice yard and go on with your business.

V. What are the prizes for the Extra Stages?

As I said on Part IV, the prizes are random and varies. If you were killing mobs, the prizes you get from them is mainly money, burr, fine burr, pro pot, or lux pro pot.

Extra Stage C Random Box:
+50k coin
+Refinery set
+1 of the refineries
+Deluxe refinery kit (All refinery items)
+Rare Weapon (Highly Valuable, but ultimately hard to get)

Extra Stage B Random Box:
+Same as Stage C, but may be higher rewards.

Extra Stage A:
+Certificate to go in Extra Stage S

Extra Stage S:
+Rare type of armor set (30D). I've only got up to Stage 6 of this stage on other versions since the boss there is ridiculously hard and you're gonna need a good party group to take them down, especially on the 7th stage.

VI. What are the mobs and bosses on the stages?

Extra Stage C (1st - 4th Stage):

-1st Stage (Campus):
Level 1 Bandit Leader
Level 1 Notorious Junkie
Level 1 Master Fencer
Level 1 Bruiser

-2nd Stage (Holes):
Level 2 Furious Chef
Level 2 Sanitizer Master
Level 2 Blood Robber
Level 2 Guard Captain

-3rd Stage (Wharf and CP):
Level 3 Golf Bomber
Level 3 Storage Guard
Level 3 Bandit
Level 3 Violent Baldie

-4th Stage (Boss #1):
Level 4 Dark Swordsman {big}
Level 4 Alien Archer
Level 4 Iron Fist (Not sure if on Ran World Extra Stages)
Level 4 Ninja Knife {big} (Rare)
Level 4 NutsNBolts
Level 4 Alien King Kong (Not Sure if its on Ran World or name change)
Level 4 Kuting

Extra Stage B:
+Same 1st-4th stages

-Stage 5 (Boss #2):
Level 5 Terrible Jupiter
Level 5 Sultry Girl (Didn't see her on screenshot Gene posted so she may not be on this version)
Level 5 Fiery Empress
Level 5 Cruel Empress

Extra Stage A:
+Same 1st - 5th Stages

-Stage 6 (Boss #3 - Gonna need a damn good group of two or more and high levels for this)
Level 6 Blade Trancer (Will post a pic later)
Level 6 ZetaJr (Will post a pic later)

Extra Stage S:
+All 1st-6th stages, but this time with the complete final stage

-Stage 7:
Level 7 WindBoss (Not Sure)
Level 7 MasterBoss (Not Sure)

Note: You may fight Giant Hawk, Reflector, or Geomancer on Stage S, but I'm not sure.

VII. Can you provide me with some tips on Extra Stage?

-Always form a party with friends or your club since they'll be more reliable than just getting a random person who may screw you guys over.

-You can join Extra Stage at any level of the stage you're allowed in, but its recommended to join at an high level to help kill the 1st-3rd stages and attempt to take on the bosses.

-NEVER EVER SOLO!! The mobs in this event isn't like you're regular mobs since they're buffed up by alot and take longer to kill. Also the bosses are buffed up as well.

-Watch out for GMs. If they see the majority of people in event doing nothing, they'll come and attack you till you start doing something.

-Watch out for Pkers and lurers. They'll do this on purpose to take you out of the event for their own profit.

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