Ran Online Guide For Newbies. Part 1: What is Ran World Online?

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Ran Online Guide For Newbies. Part 1: What is Ran World Online?

Post  BusterPunch on Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:50 pm

Hello everyone. BP here with a helpful guide for the newcomers of Ran Online so that way they can get a head start upon what to expect when they're about to join in for the excitement of Ran. For starters, we'll have to kick it off by telling the newcomers about Ran Online and what features does the game have. Yes, I know it's repetitive, but hey we all have to learn about the game first before we actually start enjoying it. So let's get started.

(** - Symbolizes that this is not added onto Ran World as of now due to being in OBT at the moment.)

I. What is Ran World Online?
RAN Online (Ran World for the Global users) is a free 3D 'campus-based' MMORPG created by Min Communications of Korea in the year 2005. Ran Online not just your typical medieval/fantasy MMORPG. The style of the game is actually based on the Japanese campus style background and the featured props, items, environments in this game are based on actual measurements to give you that nice modern day feeling instead of the everyday dragons, pirates, etc.

II. What kind of enemies do we get to fight?

There's plenty of enemies that you'll get to fight that other games may or possibly won't have in their games being the fact that this game is more based off of a modern environment. You get to fight street junkies, hooligans, football players, boxers, punk rockers and renegades, chefs, drunkards, and much much more out of the ordinary. There is also a variety of bosses that you can fight in the game as well. Some stronger than others and some that can use the same skills that you will use later on.

III. What about PvP/PK/Guild Wars? Does Ran Online offers them as well?

You got it! Ran Online has a unique PvP/PK and Guild system that you can try out. However, there are difference between the three types.

PvP (Dueling): A friendly battle between two people or a group party to see which one is the better man without the consequences unless you bet something on it. In Ran World, we basically call this type "Dueling".

PK**: There are two kinds of PKing in the game: Regular PK and Force PK.
-Regular PKing occurs when a certain amount of time passes by in game and you'll get an announcement stating that the PK Time has started. This lets you know that you can PK against other students from other schools. However, you can only PK someone outside the school. Sometimes the person that you PKed may drop an item or two if you're lucky enough to defeat him/her. Do keep in mind that you can drop something as well if you get PKed also.

Force PK: It's the same as regular PK, but more risky. Force PK holds much more consequences than regular PK if you're doing it when its not around PK period. The more you Force PK, the lower your attribute status goes down and making your name change colors to warn people about you. The colors goes from this order:

-White (Normal)
-Yellow (Warning)
-Orange (Danger)
-Red (You better defend yourself cause you're wanted by everyone!)

Guild/Club/Gang Wars: This is basically a Guild Vs. Guild (GvG) type of battle where one guild fights another in a territory outside the campus and compete for it. The winning club/guild/clan/gang gets to set the tax rate in that area to a certain amount and can gain money from it.

IV. Is there a certain side that I got to join once I start up?
You basically got three kinds of universities to choose from when you first start up:

▲ Sacred Gate
▲ Mystic Peak
▲ Phoenix.

Each campus differs by design of the campus, school uniforms, and enemies lurking around.

V. What kinds of classes are there in Ran World?
There are four types of classes that you can choose from:


Each one will be explained in the next guide.

VI. This game looks old and outdated! Why do you play this game with such poor graphics, awkward controls, and repetitive grinding?

My good friend, I'll admit that the graphics isn't up to date like all of the new MMOs out today and the controls aren't the best of them all. However, do keep in mind that graphics and flashy special effects doesn't really make a game. This game has much potential and a charm to possibly be one of the best MMO games in the global community. Why did you think that it's one of the best games out in Asia?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VII. Then how come it was just released in this year and is considered new to plenty of people?

To many of the newcomers, yes it's considered new to them. To most of the veterans of Old RanGS and other players from their own respectable servers it's a classic to them. The reason why Ran World is new this year is because MinComs decided to open up a global server for those who didn't have one or was closed down due to issues upon their sponsors. Other versions of Ran Online, however, are still open only to their own country due to new rules upon their servers.

VIII.So where do I sign up for Ran World?

You can go to the official Ran World website to sign up and download Ran World from there. The link is provided below:

Ran World Official Site

Well that ends part one of the guide. Make sure you check out Part 2 which is coming soon.

Until next time!

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